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    You need a custom orthosis.  What’s next?


     We work together to meet your orthotic treatment needs in all stages of life.  Cardinal Orthotics believes in providing a comprehensive assessment, orthotic treatment, and follow up in friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

     During the assessment, the shape of your body may be captured by casting with plaster bandage or fiberglass tape. 

     Alternatively, a 3D scan may be appropriate to capture the shape of your body.  This may take less time compared to traditional casting techniques, reduces material wastage, is less messy, and may be more comfortable for you or your child.   3D scans also provide baseline data so that we can compare the shape of your body to monitor follow up changes during treatment.
      Your cast or shape is then modified by the Certified Orthotist based on biomechanical principles to provide you with the support you need.  The orthosis is fabricated in the orthotics laboratory on-site to ensure quality control.  The orthosis is then fitted by the Certified Orthotist.  Technical expertise is available to adjust your orthosis while you wait.