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    Dear colleagues:

     Ways to make a referral:

  1.     Provide client with one of the following:

         a)  a prescription

         b.) a signed ADP form with doctor’s billing number and diagnosis


          c.) a referral



           Patients can then schedule an appointment by

           Phone:  (905) 605-4264


           They will need to bring the prescription or referral to their appointment.


 2.     Fax a referral with the patient’s contact information to

          Fax:  (416) 605-4263

          We will contact them to schedule an appointment in our clinic.

          We appreciate the referral!  Please provide us with feedback on services,  and promotional materials that you would like to see.  Feel free to let us know how we can make the process easier.





Call Us:  (905) 605-4264