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About Us

​​Cardinal Orthotics was established to fill a void in custom orthotic services in the Southwest York and North Toronto Regions, particularly in the field of paediatrics.  The clinic serves clients of all ages.  The clinic shares space and resources with  Freedom Prosthetics
In addition to main entrance accessibility off the waiting area, there is a large gait observation area with parallel bars and mirrors.  

Located in an industrialized area of West Woodbridge, with ample parking space and access to major highways, the clinic complex is in the vicinity of other health services.  

Our Staff

Evelyn Heung, B.Sc. (Kin), C.O. (c),

Certified Orthotist

Evelyn Heung is a graduate of the Clinical Methods in Prosthetics and Orthotics Program at George Brown College and has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.  She was a clinician at The Children’s Orthotics Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children from 2003-2016 and was promoted to positions of leadership.  As interim manager of the clinic in 2009- 2010, she was instrumental in leading the orthotics team through LEAN consultation as well as expansion of the orthotics repertoire to include the Cheneau style of scoliosis bracing.  

Evelyn takes pride in providing effective customized orthotic treatments and is passionate about optimizing fit and function.  She enjoys collaborating with prescribing doctors, therapists, and families to design the most appropriate treatment for her clients.  Her interest in human movement and rehabilitation developed when she took up ballet classes as a teenager, a pursuit that she continues recreationally.

She especially enjoys evaluating outcomes from lower extremity treatments and helping patients reach their treatment goals. Specialized orthotics experience includes the treatment of clubfeet, scolioisis, spasticity, plagiocephaly (baby flathead), pectus carinatum, arthritis, post-operative and acute conditions.

She speaks French and Cantonese.

Invited Presentations

Orthomerica STARsummit (November 2015).  "Case Presentation:  Preliminary Helmet Outcomes and Challenges in Patient with Developmental Asymmetric Brachycephaly".

George Brown College Grand Rounds (December 2002).  "Prosthetic and Orthotic Outcome Measures"

Peer Reviewed Publication

Bateni H, Heung E, Zettel J, McIllroy WE, Maki BE.  Can use of walkers or canes impede lateral compensatory stepping movements?  Gait Posture.  2004 Aug; 20 (1):  74-83.

Professional Affiliations

Orthotics Prosthetics Canada, Certified Orthotist Member

Ontario Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists, Member, Member of Board of Directors 2017-present, 2008-2012